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How much can a hypnotherapist charge?

Updated: Apr 2

As a hypnotherapist, you've likely been wondering "How much can I charge?"

Out of all the alternative professions, and even the mental health profession, I feel that hypnotherapists deserve to charge a healthy fee that surpasses a person with a psychological degree.

That’s a bold statement, I know, especially when the field of hypnotherapy is largely unregulated.

How much can a hypnotherapist charge?

Let me explain why I think this.

With proper training and experience with regression hypnotherapy, hypnotists go where coaches, alternative practitioners, counselors, and psychologists rarely go.

They enter the subconscious mind.

How do I raise prices hypnotherapy sessions

This is what EMDR attempts to do with focused attention and fancy lights, but typically falls short of accessing the deeper parts of the subconscious mind.

As a hypnotherapist, you may already know that the definition of hypnosis is focused attention.

The field of psychotherapy inadvertently touches on focusing their patients' attention with things like Brain Spotting or EMDR. But at its core, it’s focusing a patient's attention, and the therapy attempts to access the subconscious mind through the body, thoughts, and emotions.

This is a great starting point, but it tends to stay at the surface, even if it doesn’t feel that way to the patient or the therapist.

EMDR and Brain Spotting are attempts at performing proper regression hypnotherapy.

Change can happen at this level of therapy. It can work very well for individuals who aren’t very aware of their emotions or their body's signals. It acts as a pressure release valve and it’s very helpful.

But there’s a significant missed opportunity to access the subconscious mind for deeper healing and longer-lasting change.

Psychotherapy can be beneficial for various aspects such as diagnosing issues, understanding dysfunctional patterns, addressing abuse, improving communication in relationships, and offloading your problems on someone, but can fall short for many individuals.

It works to a point, but for many, it leaves individuals looking for solutions outside of the normal pathways.

And by the time a person finds their way to a hypnotherapist, they’re ready to try anything, including putting on a foil hat.

How to charge higher prices hypnotherapy business

Let me be clear: I feel that there are many spokes in a wheel to wellness, and a person deserves to explore every avenue available to them to feel better and overcome their challenges.

But dollar for dollar, hypnotherapy comes out the winner for rapid transformation in many circumstances.

It can cut years or decades off a person’s journey, and that’s why I feel that experienced hypnotherapists can and should charge premium prices to reflect the transformation they routinely provide their clients. Time and time again, when all else has failed, hypnotherapy comes out the winner.

It’s time for a paradigm shift. Hypnotherapists deserve to be compensated fairly for the invaluable work they do. But what exactly does fair compensation look like, and how much can a hypnotherapist charge?

Depending on experience, a single session can be priced from $500.00 to $1000.00, and programs can be priced from $2500.00 to $25,000 depending on how they are structured and the length of the program.

When you think about the problems we routinely solve, it’s not only reasonable to charge higher rates, it should be expected.

For example, a person who’s gone to rehab for an eating disorder or for an addiction without a successful recovery may have privately paid upwards of $40,000 for their treatment.

Or when a couple has been to therapy for years and is on the brink of filing for divorce, hypnotherapy is worth at least the average fees for a divorce.

Hypnotherapy niche divorce high ticket pricing

Hypnotherapists are undervalued for the significant results they provide, and the industry is long overdue for change. Hypnotherapists are justified in charging premium prices when they are experienced and provide consistent results.

To sum it all up, hypnotherapists are invaluable assets to society and should be treated as such. We offer profound transformations when other methods fall short, and we deserve fair compensation for the life-changing work we routinely provide.

If you’re considering whether it’s time to charge premium prices or if you’re new to the field and seeking to build your skills and establish a strong business foundation, you can explore your options by tapping here. 

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