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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Step #1 You'll reach out and contact me:

By chat, located on the bottom right of this page.
By email -
By phone - 916-500-2295

Step #2 I'll ask you a couple of questions about your needs, and we'll determine which service/program will be the best fit for you. I'll let you know how much it will be, and you can decide if you'd like to move forward - no pressure or obligation.

Step #3 You'll pay via PayPal, or we can hop on a call and I can process your payment that way. Then I'll email you paperwork to sign.

Step#4 You'll fill out an online questionnaire if you're purchasing the affirmation or meditation recording. Once that's complete I may have follow up questions. From there, I will write your script and record it.


If you're enrolling in the Happy, Confident, and Relaxed program, you'll receive a welcome email with your next steps.  

Step #5 Once your custom script is recorded, I will edit, master, and format all work to the highest standard and send it right over to you in MP3 format.

Step #6 You'll listen to your recording each day for 30 days to maximize your results. 

What is the difference between affirmations, meditation, and hypnosis?

Each of these have their own application. Affirmations are good as pick me ups to help you feel more motivated, and help you focus on your goals. Meditation is useful for helping you detach from your problems and relax. It can help you see your challenges from a new perspective and you can have new insights and awareness, and when done well, it can help you work with your body, thoughts, and emotions. Hypnosis helps solve your problems or reach your goals by accessing your subconscious mind directly. 

​♦ I got a custom affirmation, meditation, or hypnosis recording in the past from someone else and it didn't work for me. Why is that?

Many hypnotists and well-meaning individuals in the helping profession write affirmations, meditation, and hypnosis scripts in a way that seems helpful, but actually works against your ingrained inner blueprint of thoughts, beliefs, and deeply held emotions. Your brain and body likely rejected anything that it didn't believe to be true - and this is all outside of your conscious awareness.


What you've experienced isn't uncommon, and with the right approach, you can have success and happiness. Writing a script for affirmations, meditations, or hypnosis is truly an art form. When done well, the results are measurable and long lasting.

How long does it take to get my recording? 


Once I have all the information I need to write your script, I typically deliver within 5 business days for affirmations and meditation recordings. Custom hypnosis recordings are typically a 2 week delivery time frame, as this is a much more involved process. 

Does my recording come with background music? 

Yes. I use brainwave entrainment music with binaural beats to help your mind focus and relax. 

How long are the recordings

Affirmations are up to 20 minutes.

Meditations are between 20 to 30 minutes.

Hypnosis is up to 45 minutes.

♦ How will I receive my files?  


I deliver all files in MP3 format. I will send your recording via email and Google Drive.

Will they be professionally recorded?  


Yes, I have a professional vocal booth located in a quiet setting. 

Here are my studio specs:

Daw - Reaper

Microphone - Diety S - Mic 2

Interface - SSL2Plus - 2x4

Computer - Custom Built

63 DB Raw Sound Floor

Can you say my name in my recording?  


I don't do this as it engages your conscious mind during your session. We want your conscious mind to take a back seat and let your subconscious mind drive the car. This is how you'll reach your goals faster. The exception to this would be if you were to identify with a future aspect/identity within yourself, and you want to bring this unrealized part of yourself to light. Then you can use a name that represents her/him, that isn't your current name. This will engage your subconscious mind and help you become a higher version of yourself.  

Why can you help me?


For over 10 years, I've used my voice to change the world, one person at a time - 1500+ sessions and counting. And I've had affirmations, meditations, and hypnosis flowing through my veins and out of my mouth.


As a master hypnotist who uses advanced hypnosis techniques, I've worked with some of the most challenging issues a hypnotist can face - successfully. I specialize in trauma, eating disorders, and anxiety. So no matter what your challenge is, I know that hypnosis is an excellent choice to assist you.  

Keep in mind that all hypnotists are not created equal.


I say this with the deepest respect to hypnotists/hypnotherapists out there working hard to support their clients, who have genuine care and concern for the results their clients get. They work hard, and are a force for good in the world. But experience matters, as well as using advanced techniques - coupled with a hypnotists life experience, to be able to relate and deeply understand the challenges life can bring.


There are new hypnotists learning the trade, and there are veterans who've worked with thousands of people - but they use outdated hypnosis practices. So it pays to work with someone who really knows how to move the needle, and how to help individuals who experience the complexities of life. 

What is Hypnosis and does it really work?


The state of hypnosis is highly effective in helping you feel better and reach your goals because it works with your subconscious mind. 


Our minds are like an iceberg. 

The conscious mind is represented by the tip of the iceberg, comprising 10% of its total.

The subconscious mind is represented by the rest of the iceberg that lies underwater and represents 90% of its total. 

And when you try to reach your goals or solve your problems, you’re primarily only using your conscious mind. 

That’s the part of the mind where you use your willpower, and that’s why most people never follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. 

So it’s your subconscious mind that will help you reach your goals, and you're barely using it right now!

The definition of hypnosis is "a focused state of attention." That's literally all hypnosis is, and the great news is that you're already a pro at it. 

Hypnosis uses guided relaxation and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance.

You’re conscious and present when hypnotized - and you're totally in control.

You’re are already hypnotized every day naturally as you focus your attention:

You’re still conscious and present in the state of hypnosis, and you’re totally in control the entire time, plus there is no right or wrong way to do it – it’s not a test. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis because you’re the one focusing your attention.

When you’re focusing your attention, as we all do every day in some way, it creates a window of opportunity for positive changes.

And that’s what hypnosis does. It helps your mind work for you instead of against you. 

If you haven’t reached your goals yet, I want you to know that it’s not your fault.

You have unhelpful patterns, emotions, and subconscious beliefs that have formed a blueprint in your mind that are keeping you stuck and running you on autopilot.

It's kind of like your brain is a computer and it’s running the wrong program. It’s just doing what it’s told to do.

That’s not your fault, and it can be fixed to help you reach your goals.

And that's why hypnosis is the key to your long-lasting success and freedom.

Here’s some frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis

​♦ What does hypnosis feel like?

This is different for everyone. You will typically feel conscious, in control, and aware when hypnotized, but many people also feel quite relaxed. Hypnosis is not relaxation, it's focused attention. That being said, you may move in and out of feeling relaxed, with thoughts that pop up in your head about what's for dinner. This is all quite normal and part of the process. Regardless of that, your subconscious mind is open to receiving helpful suggestions towards the change you want to make. 

​♦ Is hypnosis safe?

​It has been accepted by the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association. It's very safe, and it's highly effective. 

​The only time it's not safe is if you're listening to your recording in a situation that requires your full attention like driving, cooking, etc. This is because your hypnosis recording is commanding your attention when you should be placing your attention on the task at hand. 

​​♦ How will I feel when I'm hypnotized?

 You will feel in control and aware. You may also feel relaxed and peaceful. 

 ♦ Can you get stuck in the hypnotic state?

 No. However, you may feel so relaxed that you don't want to emerge when it completes. That's all right. Simply open your eyes when you feel ready.  

​♦ Can I be hypnotized?

Yes, most everyone can be hypnotized unless you have a brain injury or disability that totally prevents you from focusing your attention then you can be hypnotized. Additionally, each individual moves in and out of light and deep hypnotic states while being hypnotized. You don't have to be in a deep state of hypnosis for change to happen. Your subconscious mind is quite happy to help you make changes even at the lightest state of hypnosis. 

How does being hypnotized by a recording work? 

It works even better than being in person. Many people think you need to be in person to be hypnotized. That's mainly because of the misperceptions about hypnosis. Here's what would happen if I met you in person. I would greet you and give you a hug, a water, and a snack. Then we would chat for a bit and the hypnosis session would begin by you closing your eyes. 

Once your eyes are closed, the session starts off with an induction that helps you focus your attention, followed by in-depth work and suggestions, and then I emerge you. 

Here's why it works so well via a customized recording. Whether we are in person or not, once your eyes are closed it's all audio from that point on - no matter if we are in person or not. 

This is why it works, whether we are in person or doing the work through a custom hypnosis recording. As long as there's an audio source, the session will be successful.

I've been working this way for many years and I've found that even though some of my client's had misperceptions about how hypnosis could be conducted, they felt safe and secure with the process and their results were amazing. This is because they were comfortable in their own space, which allowed them to focus their attention and let go into the process. 

Can being hypnotized make me do things I don't want to do?

No. You can't be made to do anything that you don't want to. A great example of this came from a famous stage hypnotist from the UK. He had a regular participant that came on stage and did everything he asked her to. She barked like a dog, clucked like a chicken, etc. until he asked her to dance and she outright refused. Perplexed, he carried on with his show and later asked her why she did everything else he ever asked her to do, but when he asked her to dance she refused. She told him that dancing was against her religion. So you see, no one can ever make you do anything that you don't want to in the state of hypnosis. If you'd like to bark like a dog and cluck like a chicken, let me get my popcorn first. :) 

​♦ Is hypnosis evil?

​No. This is a common teaching, and it's erroneous. The state of hypnosis is a normal and natural human state. Remember, the definition of hypnosis is simply a focused state of attention, and there's nothing evil about focusing your attention.

​Many pastors practice many of the principles of hypnosis without even realizing it.

Here's how:

They do an induction by reading passages of the bible which focuses the member's attention.

They use repetition of speech of a single message, known as a direct drive technique from a hypnotic perspective, to embed a suggestion into the subconscious mind. 

They engage the imagination and emotion which are the language of the subconscious mind. 

They "future pace" the members to see out into the future of a better time for more peace and comfort. 

They bypass the mind's filtering mechanism, the critical factor, when they raise their voice to command the member's attention.

​Yet, the members of the church don't view their pastor as evil. 


​If someone were to be hypnotized, and they had a strong belief that it was evil, and they said they experienced x,y,z afterward, that's simply their mind's beliefs coming out after the session.


It's usually coupled with strong emotions which can be a scary experience for the person.


It simply means that there is more work to do to uncouple beliefs that are frightening someone so they can feel safe in the way that God made them - with the ability to focus their attention. 


​Hypnosis is safe and has been endorsed by the American Medical Association since 1958.

​♦ Do you do in person hypnosis sessions?


I no longer do in person hypnosis sessions as I've found Zoom, phone, and the custom hypnosis recordings to be highly effective. I've also found it to be extremely advantageous for my clients to have an asset they can go back to over and over again for support when life throws them a curve ball, even after their problem has been solved or greatly diminished. 

Should I do an in person session with another hypnotist, instead of doing a Zoom or phone session? Or instead of getting a custom hypnosis recording?

This is entirely up to you. The thought of being hypnotized can feel intimidating or even scary for people. That's usually why the idea of being hypnotized in person is so appealing. You want to feel safe, and that's fair. Especially when you're vulnerable and putting your trust in another human being.


What my clients have found is that they were indeed safe while being hypnotized. They were in control and aware. But when our live sessions together came to an end, they didn't have continued support. They felt better, yes. This is true. But when life threw them a curveball, they realized they would have benefited from additional support. That's where the custom hypnosis recording (or affirmation or meditation recording) shines. It's like having your hypnotist by your side all the time. And your recording helps you in so many other ways, outside of the problem it helps you solve. So ultimately it's up to you to do what feels good to you. 

And Zoom and phone sessions work exactly the same way in person sessions work. 

Are you a psychotherapist?


No. Additionally, there's no licensure for hypnotists/hypnotherapists in most states. Basically, anyone (including you!) can call themselves a hypnotist and practice on you. It's a scary thought. That's why it's so important to find a qualified hypnotist with a proven track record of success behind them. 

Is hypnosis covered by my health insurance?


Unfortunately hypnosis isn't typically covered by health insurance. Sometimes my clients were able to use their HSA account, but they typically pay privately. 


Even if it was covered, it's likely that the person performing the hypnosis session doesn't have adequate experience. 


For example, therapists excel at working at the level of the conscious mind. They can help you identify your emotional triggers and unhelpful patterns in yourself and your relationships, they may diagnose mental illness and create a treatment plan, or coordinate care in a crisis situation. 


But when it comes to quickly getting to the root causes of an issue, you need to access the subconscious mind through hypnosis. Most therapists don’t have adequate training or experience to move someone through their challenges in the state of hypnosis. In fact, therapists have become my clients for this very reason. 

In a perfect world hypnosis would be covered by insurance and doctors and therapists would be highly proficient hypnotists, but for now, it's best to let doctors be doctors, and therapists be therapists, because that's their area of excellence. Additionally, in many states, hypnosis isn't regulated and anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist or a hypnotist. They can receive training by taking an online certification that can be completed on a weekend. 


And many of these certifications don't have practical applications, because the person learning isn't actually practicing supervised hypnosis on anyone. So they don't necessarily have any real world experience. 


And if they did gain experience in their training, it’s lighter in nature, meaning they aren’t helping people work through trauma, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, or truly challenging life situations. 


Obviously, this presents challenges for you as the consumer. It's easy to get someone in the hypnotic state, but it's what you do with someone in that state that makes all the difference.

What is the gold standard of Hypnotherapy?


It's a custom hypnosis recording that uses a proprietary process/system to uncover the root cause/s of an issue.


The 4 main branches of hypnosis are self-hypnosis, direct suggestion hypnosis, regression hypnosis, and spiritual hypnosis.


I've brought the 4 branches of hypnosis together and created a golden formula of hypnosis technique. It capitalizes on all the advantages and benefits of each one, without the negative aspects of superficial techniques with short-lived results, or forcefully opening you up to your emotional past, when you may not be ready to face all of it yet. 

In your custom hypnosis recording, we’ll address your biggest problem to overcome. I’ve developed special processes that allow me to get to the root causes of why you're facing your challenges, but in a gentle way. And once I gather that information, I will craft your perfect script. 

So your custom hypnosis recording is tailored specifically to you. I’ve found that using this approach gets my clients the same, if not better, results than the very best hypnosis techniques.

How much are your services?

It's $250.00 for a custom affirmation recording and $1000.00 for a custom hypnosis recording alone. I do offer payment plans for my higher priced services if needed. They start at $2500.00.


 ♦ Why are your prices higher than other hypnotists?

You're paying for my experience and my expertise with hypnotherapy and more. In many cases it can save you money in the long run because it's highly likely you won't have to invest in other things, such as ongoing psychotherapy, for that particular issue. Additionally, this is the monetary value of the service or programs. Note: I'm an advocate of psychotherapy and all the support it can offer an individual. 

I'm not sure I'll listen to my recording if I order it. Should I still get it?  


No. This will require a commitment on your part to listen to your recording for 30 days. And if you join a program, to go through the course material as well. If you don't think you are able to do this you'll be wasting your money. However, if you're able to commit this time to yourself to overcome your challenges, then it's likely a good fit. If you aren't sure, feel free to reach out to me to discuss your needs. 

Do you offer guarantees or refunds?  

No. I don't offer a financial refund. That said, I want you to be very happy with your recording and your services. Should you have any cause for concern, I would be happy to address it if it's within the agreed upon scope of the services provided.


As to a guarantee, I do guarantee that if you listen to your recording as suggested for 30 days straight that you WILL change. That's just because of the way your brain works when you address root causes, and give it the appropriate information that it will receive instead of reject. 

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