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Does Manifestation Really Work?

Highly sensitive and empathic women love manifesting, so let's take a closer look.

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Does manifestation really work? The quick answer is no. But there's more to the story, so stay with me here.

Millions of people believe in manifesting and make a concerted effort to create a better life for themselves. 

This is a good thing, but it's a half - measure that's shortsighted at best, and causes unnecessary suffering at its worst.  

Many people think manifesting is a spiritual law where you use your thoughts and emotions
to create your reality.

It’s typically coupled with the idea of energetic vibration, and people are taught that your thoughts are energy, and you always attract back to you the quality of thoughts you think.

So if you think and feel negatively, you’ll attract negativity. If you think and feel positively, you’ll attract positivity. This may initially seem encouraging and help you feel more hopeful and in control.

But it’s riddled with holes. Holes that will ultimately steal your joy and sabotage your efforts.

According to the law of attraction, what you think and feel is what you’ll attract - like always attracts like. So why aren’t planes always crashing?

Most people who board a plane have thought about it: “What if the plane crashes? What if I don’t make it? How many seats away are the exits? Are the windows airtight? Am I going to need to grab an oxygen bag before I go down in flames?”

In 1982, The Boeing Company published a paper by Robert Dean and Kerry Whitaker stating that 30% of the US population—about one in every three adult Americans—has reported a fear of flying.

5,000 people fly every day in the United States. That’s 1,825,000 flights per year.

30% of that is 1,500 people per day, or 547,500 people a year, with a deep-seated fear that the very plane they or their loved ones are flying on will be the one out of seven million flights that suffers a fatal issue.

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That’s one out of seven million. It’s common knowledge that, statistically, flying is the safest way to travel. If the law of attraction and manifestation were real, don’t you think those figures
would be different? Let’s look at a couple more examples.

Children want things more often and more intensely than anybody else on the planet, but sometimes what they want just isn’t realistic. If the law of attraction were real, every little kid would have a pony and a race car.

If the law of attraction were real, nobody would age, either. How many people lie about their ages? How many people are focused on feeling and looking younger?

I know I’m not getting any younger no matter what I try to manifest.

 But maybe all these people are just focusing too hard on what they don’t have. What about people who focus on the positive? Let’s look at this.
95% of the information we process is subconscious, meaning it’s outside of our conscious awareness.

That includes most of what you think and how you feel. Different studies have suggested that on the subconscious level, we have anywhere from 7,000 to 40,000 thoughts per day.

Many of our thoughts and emotions are negative. They have to be negative, because life has problems big and small that we have to handle. If we aren’t handling those problems,
we’re probably living very frustrating lives.

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If the law of attraction and manifestation were really true, all of us would manifest negativity constantly.

Some of us are born into situations beyond help.

Did people in developing countries without enough food to eat “manifest” their negativity?

Are those people simply in need of a mindset adjustment?

I’ve even seen people say, “look, science agrees that the law of attraction is a fundamental law of physics!” Ask any physicist and they’ll tell you that the physical law of attraction, which explains the behavior of electrically charged particles, has nothing to do with your hopes and dreams.

It's normal to want to focus on thoughts and feelings that make you feel good, but it’s only human to have thoughts and feelings that are negative, too. It's normal to feel sad sometimes.

Trying to think only good thoughts 100% of the time is not normal or good for anyone. In fact, it can lead to depression, self-criticism, and spiritual bypassing.

The law of attraction can initially feel empowering by giving you a sense of agency over the universe, but there comes a point where you give up your agency over yourself--and at this point,
it stunts your personal and spiritual growth, and ultimately disempowers you,
even if you’ve manifested great things in your life or business.

Are you really magically co-creating with the universe, or are you taking opportunities
you were scared to take before you knew you could?

 What is real manifestation? Here’s what real manifestation is: It’s using your subconscious mind to set an intention, and taking action with a focus on the outcome.

That’s not magical, that’s you.

So we need to uncouple the magic with manifesting. The subconscious mind naturally makes associations, and that’s why there seems to be causation behind a coincidence. But sometimes, it’s just a coincidence.

The subconscious mind is magical all by itself.

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Your intuition is a function of your subconscious. That means anyone can increase their intuition when they learn to work with their subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is the common denominator in all spiritual experiences, including energy healing, because when you open your subconscious mind up to those realities, you’re no longer too afraid to see them as the truth.

That means that when you develop the skills you need to work with your subconscious mind,
you’ll have a more colorful spiritual life.

Like a radio, you can tune your subconscious mind to a new station, one that sets you on the path to personal, financial, and spiritual growth. This is the vibrational frequency of your life.

You gave your subconscious mind a directive to look for new paths, and you changed your behavior and attitude for the positive in many small ways, which subconsciously alerted other people that something was different about you.

Everybody has heard that people will open up new opportunities for you if you project forward with confidence. Manifesting just gave you the confidence.

But you don’t need manifestation to be confident, do you?

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Now, before you think I have a low vibration and don’t know what I’m talking about…

My name is Amunet Burgueno and I’m a master hypnotist, creator of Cosmic Alchemy Energy Healing™ and The Real Manifesting Process™.


I’ve done well over 1500 deep level hypnosis sessions, and I specialize in regression with a focus on trauma. I’ve worked with every issue imaginable in the hypnosis sessions I’ve conducted, including spiritual issues. I’ve conducted past life regressions, higher self connections, and spiritual releasement. 


I’ve supported over 100,000 with their spiritual awakening, and I’ve gone through a Kundalini awakening myself. 

It’s through the work I’ve done with others and on myself that I saw the fallacy in manifestation and the damage it causes to millions of people. 


My clients would come to me and express their distress or depression because they felt like they failed to manifest their deepest desires. They would try harder, and be even more positive. Ultimately, this would lead to a helpless cycle of frustration and deep inner angst. 


It wasn’t until they understood what manifesting really was, and worked with their subconscious mind, that they were set free and found balance in their hearts and minds. 

Right about now you may be wondering what you're supposed to do or
how to up-level your manifesting game.

If you're interested in taking things further, I've created the Real Manifesting™ Program.

Not only will it help you up-level your manifesting efforts through activating your subconscious mind, but it will also help you gain control of your empathic abilities as a highly sensitive and ambitious woman.Click the button below to learn more.


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