Are you an ambitious, highly sensitive and empathic woman?

Discover if you have the traits of an HSP (also known as being an empath)


Hi! I'm Amunet Burgueno. I'm a highly sensitive and empathic person. And I'm an INFJ, so I get what it feels like to not fit in. 

Right now, you may feel like there's something wrong with you, but there isn't. 

And when you embrace your gifts as a sensitive, empathic being, you'll go from surviving to thriving as an empath.

As with so many things in life, you can fall on a spectrum. And with sensing there's a spectrum too. Where you land on that spectrum can dictate how you perceive yourself as either being a highly sensitive person or an empath. 

If you're highly sensitive you may notice....

  • You often feel overwhelmed by your senses and it feels good to steal away into a quiet place to recharge. Noises, lights, and smells can deplete your energy and overwhelm your nervous system. 

  • Negativity really weighs you down and weighs heavily on your heart. You feel like you're carrying it on your shoulders and it's hard to shake it off. 

  • You've very intuitive and empathetic. So much so that you often put other people's needs before your own. And you may struggle with having toxic people in your life.

In addition to everything above, if you're highly empathic you may notice....

  • You feel everybody else’s pain, suffering, or hardship, and you wish you could do something about it, but you feel drained when you’re around others.

  • You absorb other people's emotions and it's really challenging to distinguish if it's your own emotion or someone else.

  • Your intuition rules you, and you have a sixth sense about people and situations. 


With both categories you are propelled forward by your drive, even though you experience challenges.


But if you're like so many highly sensitive and empathic women, you're living your life on someone else's terms.


It's kind of like you've conformed to the way the world or how others say you "should" be. Not entirely, but enough to feel a bit like a fish out of water gasping for air..

It doesn't have to be that way because you can recreate your life to revolve around how you operate internally, and you can finally feel aligned, in control, and balanced.  

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