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Are You A Highly Sensitive Woman?

♦ Do you have strangers come up to you and "out of the blue", start telling you their problems? ♦

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Hi! I'm Amunet Burgueno.

I'm a highly sensitive and empathic person. And I'm an INFJ, so I get what it feels like to not fit in. 

Right now, you may feel like there's something wrong with you, but there isn't. You are not flawed.

And when you embrace your gifts as a sensitive, empathic being, you'll go from surviving to thriving as an empath.

Do you feel like you’re very sensitive to negative energy, emotions, and your surroundings? 
Do you feel things more deeply than others? Or maybe you’ve always thought there’s something wrong with you. 
Perhaps you’ve been told your whole life...

“You’re too sensitive” or “Why are you being so sensitive?”

“You think about things too much” or “Why are you being so difficult?”

You may feel flawed, like there’s something wrong with you, so you hide or repress your sensitive nature and try to act like everyone else around you.

Here's a list of the common challenges you may face:

  • You require a LOT of quiet time. If you don’t get it, you feel off, frazzled, anxious, or depleted. 


  • You tend to be really hard on yourself, are overly responsible, and you try not to make mistakes because you can spin out and feel unworthy if you do. 


  • You’re self-critical, compare yourself to others, and can judge yourself harshly. 


  • You may feel flawed because of your sensitive nature, so you try to blend in and act like everyone else. This can lead to feeling like you’re not good enough, or like you're being "too much". 


  • You need to take breaks when things feel too busy or there’s too much going on around you. 


  • You tend to shut down when there’s too much to do because you’re already taking in SO much information through your nervous system already. Being busy all the time doesn't work for you and only depletes you. 


  • You get overstimulated by lights, sights, sounds, touch, and smells. 


  • If you’re experiencing a lot of emotions at the same time as being overstimulated, it can lead to feeling like you’re going to have a meltdown or burnout. 


  • You absolutely hate conflict. It makes you feel like you're going to shut down and you feel deeply uncomfortable. You try to avoid conflict whenever possible to protect yourself. If you can’t avoid the situation, you apologise to make things feel better, even when you’re not wrong. 


  • You have trouble with change because you need to navigate new sensory and emotional landscapes, which can make you feel insecure or destabilize you. 


  • You may feel confused when deciding because you weigh out all the possibilities and how that will affect you or others. 


  • You hate fake people and injustice. The world can feel insensitive and unkind at times. 


  • You probe far too deep into things people do and say. It’s like your brain takes over and you can’t turn it off. 


  • You feel like someone punched you in the heart when you're misunderstood or judged for your sensitivity. 


  • You take things personally and blame yourself for your mistakes or failures. 


  • You may feel ashamed or embarrassed about your sensitivity. 


  • You don’t feel like you have the space to process your feelings. 


  • You’ve been trying to "fix" yourself to be accepted by your friends and family.  


  • You feel depleted after being around people, even if you like and love them.


  • You may deny yourself of your needs and desires.

Here's a list of your strengths:

  • People sense that you’re a trustworthy person and feel comfortable enough to open up to you. 


  • People feel valued and appreciated when they interact with you. 


  • You’re really good at sensing if someone is an authentic person or an inauthentic person. 


  • You can sense energy and can feel when something is off. 


  • You’re caring, considerate, and conscientious.


  • You’re altruistic and help lift people and humanity to become better. 


  • Your intuition is off the charts amazing. You get feelings about people and situations long before other people do. 


  • You process things quickly because of your heightened nervous system, which gives you a distinct advantage in certain situations. 


  • You can make decisions intuitively. 


  • You dive deep into the meaning of life and how you interact with it. You rarely are at the surface level with anything you’re genuinely interested in, or your heart calls you towards.

In addition to everything above, if you're highly empathic you may notice....

  • You feel everybody else’s pain, suffering, or hardship, and you wish you could do something about it, but you feel drained when you’re around others.

  • You absorb other people's emotions and it's really challenging to distinguish if it's your own emotion or someone else.

  • Your intuition rules you, and you have a sixth sense about people and situations. 


With both categories you are propelled forward by your drive, even though you experience challenges.


But if you're like so many highly sensitive and empathic women, you're living your life on someone else's terms.


It's kind of like you've conformed to the way the world or how others say you "should" be.


That's why so many HSP's and Empaths struggle with imposter syndrome. You've been trying to conform to others' expectations, and it's draining the life out of you.

You can feel like you aren't good enough because you aren't like everyone else...


Or you might be concerned about showing "too much" of your real self and being judged.


This can make you feel a like a fish out of water gasping for air..

It doesn't have to be that way because you can recreate your life to revolve around how you operate internally, and you can finally feel aligned, in control, and balanced.  

Would you like help?

Click here to learn more...

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