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Results And Success Stories

Wondering "Who's the best hypnotherapist near me?" in Roseville, Granite Bay,
or El Dorado Hills? Check out the testimonials below to see what's possible for you. 

"When I first came to Amunet I was at my lowest point with my anxiety and panic attacks."

"I couldn't go to the grocery store, I couldn't be alone in the house, then very quickly my anxiety escalated to the point I couldn't even take a shower without having a panic attack.

My world was getting smaller by the day and my thoughts more disturbing.

I'm more than halfway through the program and I am almost a completely different person. I'm the person I wanted to be, the person I wanted to get back to, but better.

Amunet genuinely has changed my life." Emily Alexander

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"I was trapped in a heartbreaking cycle of thinking that I wasn't good enough." 


"That my weight and my eating habits ruled my every thought. I was in a jail of self - hate and intolerance.


I had one powerful session with Amunet and I emerged a new person. Free of the real problem that was holding me in that jail.  


I can't thank her enough for the help she provided to take me to that deep, dark sorrow that had been holding me back.


We worked through that and now that cycle of self doubt and anxiety has gone away.


I'm free and loving every minute. I'm able to go about my day being content and now I don't have the need to overeat to fill that dark hole that once was there.


That destructive cycle is broken. She has helped me so much." Nila D.

"My life has COMPLETELY changed! Let me start by saying I'm very open spiritually but have a hard time trusting some of the spiritual practitioners. I knew Amunet was the real deal.


There was a part of me that knew I needed a huge shift in my life, as I was unhappy in my relationship of 7-8 years and my job felt unfulfilling.


Amunet helped me integrate my higher self, release past life traumas and assist me in healing that would have taken me years to do on my own.


Since meeting with Amunet I left my bad relationship, found my soul mate, traveled to 14 countries with my soul mate, lived in Hawaii for 1.5 years as I was offered a supervisory position in a hospital, and now live 25 minutes from Mt. Shasta.


Amunet I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity and help you provided me (and my life partner).


Thank you for all that you do Amunet!" Christy P.

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When I found Amunet, I was drowning in grief. I lost my husband in a sudden accident. Life was out of control and I couldn't find my way through the grief of losing my husband and my dad.  

I also had some family issues that needed to be clarified and released.  My mind and emotions were all over the place so I did hypnotherapy & the 60 day course, and energy work.  

I have come to a place where I can find some calm in this storm.  Life is still full of struggles, and the pain of the loss will always be with me, but with Amunet's help I have released so many of the negative thoughts, sadness and unhealthy emotions weighing me down.  

She is truly a wonderful person that cares deeply about the people she is helping.  I'm so grateful that I found her.  C.S.

Amunet is a truly gifted soul. I've experienced her brilliance in several areas - hypnosis, business coaching, mindset, and intuitive readings.
Proof of how impressed I've been? 
I brought her on as THE Sales and Money coach in my highest level Mastermind program, where she now does sessions for ALL of my clients, and has for years.
If you're looking for someone who is not only brilliant at what she does, but also a warm, genuine, caring person who makes you feel heard, held, taken care of, and seen - there's no one better than Amunet. 
She gets my highest recommendation, and I'm immensely grateful to have her in my life - as a friend, colleague, valued team member, and sage
Christine Ghallagher
Founder and CEO of

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"I had been struggling with an eating disorder on and off for years"...

I was in a place where I wanted to do all I could to change into the person I was created to be! I had been struggling with an eating disorder on and off for years and I was ready with all my being to beat this thing for good!

I went through the whole program with writing, listening, letting all the feelings from deep down come out and let go, and the best part was my personalized recording!

I listen every day and feel relaxed with a sense of wholeness!

I am in recovery and have been eating all sorts of foods I had been afraid of and eating more than enough that my body needs!

I feel amazing and I am happy to say I see a victory coming! With the help of God on my side and Amunet's faith in me, I am stoked at where I am at!
Thank you so much!!" Katie Manwaring

“I took her program, and it was worth every penny"...

"And in the process (unexpectedly) I have discovered my own intuitive abilities as an empath. I feel nothing short of a temporal shift in my life.

It's as if all the doors that had once been closed are beginning to open, and I am recognizing the changes and the opportunities afforded to me with a new confidence.

All I can say is, invest in yourself, no item is more precious.” J.T.

“The custom hypnosis recording is amazing!!!

I listened to it first thing this morning and am doing better than I have all week. Man, I'm so excited!!!!! It really is perfect!!!!

THANK YOU Amunet!!!! I wish I could give you a big hug!!!!!” E.C.

“I’m totally blown away. This is a remarkable program." Laurie K

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"I came into this experience thinking to myself “what could she possibly tell me that I don’t already know.”

"I am glad to have been wrong after experiencing her program.


I learned a lot about my own subconscious demons, along with valuable lessons to take with me for the rest of my life." Hillary G.

"Frustrated, terrified, no confidence in myself or my services."

"Thought I wasn’t special at all; had nothing to offer. I struggled with those lies for all of my life. That is until I met Amunet. She’s intuitive, likable, conversational, SAFE.

Through her gentle guidance, I was able to see those feelings for what they were–LIES– and begin to become unstuck. Inside, I am smart, amazing, lovable, worthy and yes, WORTH IT.

She recognized these traits and helped me to see that I *do* have something amazing to offer the world!

If you’re “stuck”, hurting, don’t know which way to go, please talk to Amunet… your WORTH is inside of you… Amunet will help you let it out!" Cheryl C

"Overwhelm and lack of focus–your time is up!”

“I had great plans, but I kept getting stuck in overwhelm, spinning my wheels, and this was causing me a lot of frustration.

I can’t express enough how delighted I am at the transformation I feel deep within me.

Overwhelm and lack of focus–your time is up!” Catherine Treble

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“Taking Amunet’s program is the best thing I’ve done in my life, ever, and I’ve done everything."

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"I just want to take this opportunity to say how amazing Amunet is."

"She is a gifted healer and she is genuine and honest. She will pinpoint your needs and get you the best help available, and you will notice the changes.

Please, if you are feeling lost or dealing with issues that just seem to never go away, contact Amunet. She will help you through it, and I guarantee you will feel like a different person after - you will feel a higher level of awareness within yourself."


"We all have deeply held issues that hold us back from being our true magnificent selves."

"These issues return to our lives repeatedly, inviting us to address them so we can heal. It's only when they present a huge impact that we admit its time to make a change.

What is often confusing is trying to find what is going to help us shift and heal. As well as finding the courage to stop ignoring and avoiding the obvious fact that something is out of whack.


This is where Amunet Burgueno comes into the picture. She has expert skills and attributes that provide a safe space for deep healing to occur.

I have personally experienced emotional and physical healing beyond comprehension by working with Amunet.

I highly recommend doing something amazing for yourself by connecting with Amunet. You won't regret it!"


Wendy Wells, Roseville, CA

"She is honestly out of this world."

"She gave me clarity on a lot of things I was wondering and also added information that made me want to dive in a bit deeper regarding my self.

I’m so happy I found her and looked into seeking her.

Totally worth it to me. And I’m just in complete shock." T.P. 

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"THANK YOU AMUNET!!!! You have completely changed my life forever. Your work is truly awesome."

"I felt completely lost, confused and depressed when I came to see you. Today, I feel the warm fuzzy feeling towards myself and others.

I feel very connected and blessed that I am now finally on my "path" to enlightenment. I have completed Amunets programs, and you will not be disappointed with ANY of them. She is truly one of the most sincere, caring individuals you will ever meet." Julie G. 

"My experience with Amunet was truly one of a kind. I was very blessed to be introduced to this beautiful soul because I can honestly say that she changed my life."

"As a young woman, who has endured many emotional hardships I have developed issues such as, anxiety and depression, which started to affect my life.

I believe in a very holistic approach when it comes to healing myself physically and mentally. Before hypnosis, I tried many approaches in order to find a solution to my problems.

After attending numerous therapy sessions, brain optimization, acupuncture as well as many other holistic approaches, hypnotherapy has been the most effective solution by far.

I was finally able to gain peace of mind. I never thought I would ever be able to control my anxious thoughts, but hypnosis changed that. I also gained a great amount of self confidence." Soraya

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"Amunet is a wonderful teacher and her teaching methods are by far the best that I have ever experienced."


"I highly recommend anyone who is interested in authentic self-empowerment to work with Amunet.


Words fall short. Please experience it for yourself! 


The best teachers are those who tell you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.


In deep gratitude." Bato Kraguljac

"Amunet is truly an amazing and awe-inspiring human being."


"I went to her when I was in a very dark place in my life and after only a month of energy healing and hypnosis, I can say with 100% confidence that I am a new, better version of myself.


I finally feel like fragments of myself that were missing have finally come together to make myself whole again. I finally feel that I have a peaceful balance of my mind, body, and soul, once more.


Whether you're open to this kind of work or a little more closed off to it, if peace and a sense of calm and control of your life again is what you're trying to achieve, Amunet is your person.


I can honestly say from the very depths of my being that Amunet has helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine. So thank you, Amunet, your talents and skills are truly remarkable." Drea Hall

"Amunet is a tremendously gifted woman with a heart of gold."

"She has helped me heal myself and begin the process of rebuilding myself through her energetic work and through hypnosis.

I am currently listening to a specially tailored hypnosis mp3 that Amunet created, and it is truly helping me lose weight.

She goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals and comes from a place of sincerity!" Katy K.

“I had $10,000 sent to my PayPal account after working with Amunet."

"The debt was piling up; I was really stressed, but I knew I needed to hone in with my sales skills.

I really got individual attention from Amunet and she was standing behind me through it all.

I have peace of mind now as I’m beginning to make better, stronger offers. It just takes working with the right person.” Phaedra Antioco

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"Amunet is awesome!! This is my first review ever, but felt so compelled to share my great experience. She brought me out of a challenging chapter in my life and helped me move on. Well worth the money. Don’t hesitate, do it now!!" M. L. 

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