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Help For The High Achieving Woman and Ambitious Hypnotherapist

  • Writer's pictureAmunet Burgueno

When do you invest in yourself, and how much do you spend?

Investing in yourself can feel scary. As a highly sensitive woman, it's likely that you've given a LOT to others.

You'll spend your attention, time, and money (ATM) on other people or causes, but when it comes time to investing in your personal, professional, or spiritual development you contract or shut down altogether.

It's not that you haven't invested in yourself, but it's up to a point.

It's like there's two people inside of you. The one that wants to break free from limitations and actually live the life you've been dreaming about, and the one that's in perpetual status quo hell.

Status quo hell doesn't necessarily feel terrible. But when you're a driven woman that has big aspirations, it starts to wear you down.

The clock ticks and you start to become anxious or depressed. You look at your life and wonder why you feel the way you do. You've got it made, and you've achieved so much already.

But it doesn't satisfy you. And you suffer in a really strange way. It's kind of like life is happening to you, instead of YOU taking the lead in the way you've always dreamed about.

And you abandon your deepest desires and everything stays about the same.

So how do you get out of the cycle of status quo hell?

This will be different for each person.

Over the years I've invested well over $100,000.00 into my personal, spiritual, and professional development to get out of status quo hell, in different ways.

And each of them has had different benefits for me. I've hired coaches, taken trainings, or taken trips.

So where do you start and when?

If you feel so stagnant that you can't see a way out of your current situation, you may need to change your environment for a bit, and take a trip somewhere.

Taking purposeful time away from "life as usual" can help reset your brain so you can make more empowered decisions, and see things in a new way. The clarity that comes from this can be priceless.

Just be careful that you don't use your adventures to disassociate from your problems. If you're a perpetual trip taker, be mindful of this.

Otherwise it's time to make some significant changes.

You can do this independently without investing a dime. You can identify exactly what you want to achieve, and do the inner work that will get you there.

Of course, there's no amount of planning that will matter without the actionable steps behind your goals that will make it all real.

If you go the solo route, an accountability buddy is really helpful.

The next way to make significant changes is with support. You can hire a mentor or take trainings to help you shortcut the time it takes to reach your goals.

And in this case you can invest a little or a lot. Sometimes I've invested a smaller amount of money and had gotten a lot of benefit, sometimes not.

But it wasn't until I plunked down a wad of cash that things started to really accelerate for me. And that's because my money activated my desires, a real sense of urgency, and genuine commitment.

And of course the support was vital for me because I no longer felt so isolated when achieving my lofty goals.

How much is the right amount to spend?

This is unique to you. What is the magic number that will activate your desires, a real sense of urgency, and genuine commitment for you?

That might be $500.00, or it might be $60,000.00.

Whatever that number is for you, it should feel like it's stretching you. It should give you pause. And when it does, you'll know that you've hit the mark.

Is now the right time to fulfill your deepest desires?

I'll leave you with this. Don't abandon yourself. Don't abandon your dreams.

Candidly yours,

Amunet :)

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