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Help For The High Achieving Woman and Ambitious Hypnotherapist

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Cheap & Easy, Like Ramen Noodles

Personal development is hard. It takes time and effort to do the necessary work on yourself to become a better person.

Enter the fast food mentality.

It’s cheap and easy to say you want to change, but it’s an entirely different thing to put in the work to change.

If you want to transcend your personal problems, it will require new skills, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors.

It requires true commitment and a real sense of urgency.

It means you’ll look at your life and the people in it to determine if they lift you up or drag you down.

It means you’ll be honest with yourself about where you’re, and where you want to be. But more importantly, committing to doing what you’ll need to do to get there.

This spills over into all areas of your life - relationships, career, finances, etc.

It requires a certain amount of effort to become successful.

And there are “experts” out there who would have you believe otherwise.

They’ll give you their "secrets", sprinkled with easy answers that will keep you distracted and spinning in circles for years, sometimes decades.

You’ll work on yourself, doing what you’ve been taught, but you may find yourself close to where you began.

That’s because meaningful change requires depth. It’s not enough to sit at the surface and stick your toe in the water.

You’ll never become a strong swimmer that way.

And society only perpetuates superficial personalities and goals. We become entrained to it, and lose ourselves along the way - without even realizing it.

It robs us of our ability to contribute to society as a mature person. A person who contributes in a thoughtful way.

It's tough to ask ourselves if we are really ready to change, and then commit to the actions that will make it happen - even if it feels chaotic or messy.

Candidly yours,


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