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Relax, Increase Your Happiness, &

Feel More Confident in as Little as 60 Days.

What Could She Possibly Tell Me That I Don't Already Know?

I came into this experience thinking to myself "what could she possibly tell me that I don't already know." I am glad to have been wrong after taking the 60 days to become wildly happy, confident, and relaxed program. I learned a lot about my own subconscious demons, along with valuable lessons to take with me for the rest of my life.
Hilary G. 

Would you like to have peace of mind? 

Don't let limiting beliefs, worry, or lack of confidence hold you back.

You can live a happy spiritual life filled with peace and purpose, 

even if you have no idea where to start. 

You want to be happier, right? How would it feel to be at peace with yourself and with others?

Wouldn’t it be great to have more energy and joy, and feel comfortable expressing yourself? How would it feel to have a calm mind and feel self-assured?

The trouble is that you may be getting stuck in worry/anxiety “brain loops”, and worrying what other people think of you.

This keeps you from really living and stops you from reaching your goals.

It’s like there’s a theater in your head that’s always playing the next apocalypse movie. But the problem is that the movie plays automatically and you don’t even know it.

You ever watch a psychological thriller? How did it make you feel? Well, that’s probably the feeling you’re carrying around with you without even realizing it.

Life can feel really challenging at times, period.

You may feel sad or even depressed.

Plus your relationships may be strained because you’re really just trying to hold it together.

Let me guess… you’re probably a people pleaser. If people aren’t happy, then you feel uncomfortable and want to make things better. That’s tiring!

I want you to know that it’s not your fault.

What I mean here isn’t that you get a “get out of jail free” card, but that the reason it isn’t your fault is that you have an internal blueprint that’s running the show.

It’s like you’re trying to help yourself with one arm tied behind your back, and that’s what I mean by “it’s not your fault”.

Let me explain.

You have unhelpful patterns, emotions, and subconscious beliefs that have formed a blueprint in your mind that are keeping you stuck, and running you on autopilot.

It’s kinda like your brain is a computer and it’s running the wrong program. It’s just doing what it’s told to do.

That’s not your fault, and it can be fixed. But it starts with you taking the first step.

I've created an amazing program that will help you begin to solve your problems in as little as 60 days, and it's customized to your needs.

Life is far too short and your happiness matters. Even if you feel happy-ish, there’s always room for improvement.

We all have ingrained beliefs that keep us from reaching our next level. Sometimes it’s the smallest shifts that create the biggest impact.

Are you ready to change?

What would happen if you turned the psychological thriller playing automatically in your mind into a different inspiring and happy movie?

Just because things have been a certain way for a while doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.

You can reach your goals, feel alive and inspired, and have a peaceful mind.

Why don’t we have a chat about it?

I’d like to get to know you, and we can see if we are a good fit for your customized program. There’s no obligation to you, and you’ll come away with more clarity and resources.

I've perfected a system to get you what you want!

So a little bit about me…

I used to feel so unhappy, anxious, and sad! 

I've been in some dark places in my life. I had a traumatic childhood where I suffered the loss of my father at an early age, and I experienced severe sexual abuse. My past was catching up with me, and it was affecting my health and my relationship with my husband.


I wondered if I would ever feel any different. I pretty much thought I was screwed and that I would always have raging PTSD, symptoms of depression, anxiety attacks, and the dreaded full blown panic attack.

I was searching how to be happy, build confidence, and how to control anxiety, but what I tried just wasn't working. 

I was so frustrated and I felt really alone, even though I was surrounded by my family. 

Then I had a spiritual awakening that prompted me to figure out how to help myself, which led me to create a clear path that I now use to help other people who are experiencing what I had in my past. 

I'm a master hypnotist and coach, and I've worked with hundreds of people, diving deep into their subconscious minds, and supported nearly 100,000 people with their spirituality. 


I love teaching what's been proven to work, and I have walked along side people just like you, on their journey towards happiness, confidence, and relaxation.


Your Customized Program Will:

  • Help you discover how to smile and laugh again.

  • Turn your wounds into wisdom and release the past.

  • Help you rise above inner turmoil and know yourself fully.

  • Unleash your subconscious mind to reach your goals and succeed.

  • Bring harmony to key areas in your life and improve your relationships.

  • Have a peaceful mind and life.

  • Be grounded and focused.

  • Give you the tools you need so you can help yourself.

When I first started working with Amunet I was at my lowest point with my anxiety and panic attacks. I couldn't go to the grocery store, I couldn't be alone in the house, then very quickly my anxiety escalated to the point I couldn't even take a shower without having a panic attack. My world was getting smaller by the day and my thoughts more disturbing. After talking to Amunet she said I would highly benefit from her program. When I first met Amunet she put me at ease with her demeanor and knowledge. During the program I met with Amunet, and we did different exercises, and was given homework and instructions just in case I forgot how to do them. I'm more than half way through the program and I am almost a completely different person. I'm the person I wanted to be, the person I wanted to get back to, but better. Amunet genuinely has changed my life.

Amunet has helped me with several aspects of my life. I came to her after my Mom passed and I was in a very dark place. She was able to help me, through process work and hynosis, get back to the light and regain my peace. She has since then helped me get unstuck and grow my business. Has helped me build a better relationship with my children. And made me take action on my goals. Amunet has been a life saver in so many ways. She has changed my life forever.

Without a doubt Amunet has been such a wonderful blessing to me (and my family).  She is the most honorable, professional and compassionate person I have ever known.  She has helped me in so many areas of my life and I love to know that I have her in my corner, always!  She provides a safe and non judgmental experience which allows for her client to open up and receive all the gifts she has to offer.  I have grown leaps and bounds since we have been working together and look forward to more time with Amunet in the future.  She is my coach, mentor and friend when I need her.  I can't say enough about her or enough about how happy I am to have the opportunity to be in the presence of such a wonderful person.  She has been my "one stop shop" and I am more than grateful for that and all the tools that she has to offer of which I have used.  Coaching, hypnosis and energy work have really helped me move ahead in my life and now I finally have high hopes about my future!

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And you get to write the next chapter...

I can help you laugh and smile again, and start living a better life now to

create a life of success!

Are you ready?

Are you ready to feel happier, more confident, & worthy? How could your life improve if you had healthy self-esteem, & learned how to control anxiety and depression?

What would be possible for you if you woke up in the morning feeling hopeful about your day?

What could that do for your career, for your family, and for yourself?

How would it feel to finally feel self-assured, have peace of mind, and be able to take confident action without second-guessing yourself?

Click the button below to book in a FREE "Happy, Confident, & Relaxed" strategy session.


During your session you'll discover:


  • How to master your mind and emotions so you can feel better.

  • How to unleash the power of your subconscious mind to make everyday better than the day before.  

  • The key life areas to bring into balance so you can be happier.

  • How to get what you want, as fast as possible, with as little effort as possible.

  • How to help yourself, so you can handle anything that comes your way.

If you're ready to feel better and accomplish what you want, then it's time to book in a session.


The value of the session is $297.00 and there are limited spots available, so you'll want to take full advantage of this offer.


Schedule a free "Happy, Confident, & Relaxed!" session with me right now, because there is help, and it's time for a change.

Amunet was recommenced to

me by my therapist.

~ Mel Foord

While therapy was helpful, it wasn't until I reached out to Amunet that things really began to shift for me. Combining both was so beneficial to me. Amunet is kind, warm, nonjudgmental, and extremely knowledgeable and intuitive.
What did that mean for me? It meant that she was able to figure out what kind of tools and guidances would benefit me the most. I felt like her program was tailored to me and my own personal goals. I always felt supported and encouraged.
She likes to keep the communication so you can reach out to her at any time with anything (and boy did I!)
I highly recommend Amunet and her program. You won't be disappointed. If you have ever thought to yourself "there has to be more to life" well, there is and I think we all have waited long enough for it to just show up. Stop waiting. Call Amunet and get that lost spark back where it belongs now.