Manifesting your desires is much easier when you
turn your mind into a high performing manifesting machine!

The Real Manifesting™ Program

Hello beautiful, sensitive soul!

I’m so excited that you’re ready to gain control of your empathic abilities with resolute confidence, and manifest a balanced life that makes you feel supported and inspired. 


As an ambitious, highly sensitive and empathic woman, you’ve got big dreams and aspirations, and you take massive action, which means you’ve achieved success in your life and career already. And I want you to know how amazing you are!

I know that you’re SO ready to reignite your life and have more fun too. 


It can feel challenging to create the life you want when your thoughts and emotions feel like they're taking you over, or if you're too hard on yourself. This leads to feeling exhausted or unworthy.  


The Real Manifesting™ Program is for intuitive, empathic, and ambitious women who are motivated and ready to do what it takes to move past their challenges, and create a life that supports their unique needs.

You can activate your subconscious mind and become an empowered empath. Imagine a life with more joy, self-acceptance, confidence, and energy - and you’ll feel lighter and self-assured. 

  • Without having your emotions consume you, running on autopilot, or seeing yourself as too sensitive or your empathic abilities as a problem.


  • Without feeling overwhelmed and wanting to withdraw from people or life - never feeling like you’re enough.


  • Without trying to be positive all the time, endless affirmations, meditating for hours, manifesting on a mountain top, keeping your vibration high, self-help books, cutting cords, or even therapy. 


You’ll transform quickly, and best of all, you’ll take inspired action and feel more peaceful, purposeful, confident, and happy. 

Here’s what makes The Real Manifesting™ Program so special.


It addresses your unique needs as a highly sensitive and spiritual woman.


Too much pressure to keep up with the demands of life, too much hustle, or too much of just doing things in your life because “that’s the way it’s done,” no longer works for you.


You’re ready to make your needs a priority. 

You’ll map out your life to embrace how you function optimally in the world, so you will stop feeling overwhelmed and depleted. 


And that’s why your Real Manifesting™ Program was intentionally created with your unique needs in mind. It utilizes an integrated approach using hypnosis and spiritual healing work that's customized specifically to you.


Plus, you’ll honor your unique needs and activate your subconscious mind to stop living on autopilot.


As a master hypnotist, I’m able to help you tap into the unlimited potential inside your mind and help you connect with your intuition and spiritual gifts on a deeper level.

Did you know that hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for insight, intuition, and genuine change? It’s hands down one of the best tools for rapid transformation, and that’s why I’ve included it in your program. 


It's time to master your mind, emotions, and get spiritually grounded while creating a life that supports you.


Here’s what’s waiting for you…

You’ll embody a sense of confidence and self-assurance. 


You’ll get past your block wall - opening the floodgates for more peace, inspiration, and happiness.

You’ll no longer have internal pressure, and your fear and worry will seem like a distant memory because you’ll feel calm and in control of your mind and feel present in your body. 


The deep-rooted emotions you’ve experienced will have dissolved, clearing a space inside of you for greater intuition and spiritual connection. 


You'll begin to create a foundation where your life will energize you and give you more support and abundance. It will become an expression of you and work in harmony with your sensitive nature.

Here’s what you’ll quickly overcome as you’re integrating your new skills and release ingrained beliefs that no longer serve you...


You’ll leave behind the soul-crushing feeling of not being in control of your thoughts and emotions - those familiar feelings of negativity and fear.


And that awful sinking feeling of doubting yourself. You’ll no longer feel you’re out of alignment with, or not moving towards your big dream goals. 

You'll eliminate negative patterns and easily overcome obstacles.

You won’t feel overwhelmed, overworked, stressed to the max, or burned out because your life will work for you instead of you working for it.


You’ll cast off that feeling of inauthenticity that’s so prevalent in the materialistic world, which places its value on what you have instead of who you are and the live's you touch. 


You’ll escape the uncertainty swimming in your head, the confusion that traps you in a life that no longer meets your needs.

As an empathic woman, I really understand how hard it can be to build a life that supports your sensitivities and empathic needs. 


I’ve had to overcome many challenges in my life, and I’m sure you have to. 


I’ve suffered from severe sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, the loss of my father to suicide at a young age, a near death experience, and I’m estranged from my family. My two adult children, who I would do anything for, have struggled with disability their entire lives. Plus, I’m an intuitive empath myself. So I’ve been in the trenches with my issues. 


I went to work on myself because I deserve to have a good life. I tried mindset work, therapy, affirmations, being positive, meditation, self-help books, and more.

It wasn’t until I tried hypnosis that everything changed for me. I stopped painting over a dirty fence with techniques that required more of my conscious effort but didn’t come close to cutting the mustard. 


It was long lasting, and I transformed fast. Now, I’m a master of my thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and empathic abilities. I wake up feeling happier and I know exactly what to do to help myself feel great and reach my goals. 


I went on to support over 100,000 people with their spiritual development, and I've done over 1,500 deep level hypnosis, energy healing, and empath instructional sessions for my clients. What this means is that I'll be able to help you resolve your challenges and reach your goals quickly. 

Hypnosis is simply a focused state of attention that allows your subconscious mind to manifest big changes for you. It will help you accept yourself, feel self-assured, and instantly calm your loud mind, release limiting and ingrained beliefs, and reach your big goals fast. 


You'll quickly overcome your challenges and create an inner blueprint of success, which means you'll be more, have more, and do more - in a way that is authentic and aligned with your highest aspirations - without all the hustle and grind. 

Here’s what’s possible for you...


♦ “I had great plans, but I kept getting stuck in overwhelm, spinning my wheels, and this was causing me a lot of frustration. I can’t express enough how delighted I am at the transformation I feel deep within me. Overwhelm and lack of focus–your time is up!” Catherine Treble


♦ “I’m totally blown away. This is a remarkable program. As an empath, I have looked for answers through church, through therapy, through counseling, through lots of reading, and doing a lot of inner work. You can’t change your life, meaning you can’t repaint a room and expect to feel better about things in the morning. But when you change your mind, then the rest of your life unfolds from that. I can’t wait to pick every bit of information in that brilliant woman’s mind and live my life to the fullest, rather than under the shadows of the traumas that I’ve lived through. The program is awesome. It’s absolutely awesome.” Laurie K


♦ “I took her program, and it was worth every penny, and in the process (unexpectedly) I have discovered my own intuitive abilities as an empath. I feel nothing short of a temporal shift in my life. It's as if all the doors that had once been closed are beginning to open, and I am recognizing the changes and the opportunities afforded to me with a new confidence. All I can say is, invest in yourself, no item is more precious.” J.T.

♦ “Taking Aunet’s program is the best thing I’ve done in my life, ever, and I’ve done everything. I’ve seen numerous healers, holistic, western medical, I’ve been to sacred sites, I’ve seen John of God, I’ve seen the most enlightened people, I’ve traveled the world to find peace and I did not find it until I took this program - no matter what modality I tried, or where I traveled to get help. I’ve been meditating for 20 years, been on antidepressants, herbs, acupuncture, you name it, I’ve done it to try to gain control of my empathic feelings."


“I’m so excited because now I’m living my life fully. I just can’t say enough about it. You’ll get more bang for your buck than you can ever imagine. You’ll be a much happier person and life won’t be so challenging.” Debbie Rybak. 

Imagine having a happy life where you feel relaxed and confident - and you embrace your sensitive nature. 

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⬖ You’ll discover the first step to take when you feel overwhelmed by your emotions. 

⬖ You’ll discover the common mistake spiritual people make that keeps you from developing your spiritual gifts more fully. 

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Amunet :)