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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

It's common to give away your spiritual power when you look to others for guidance. Discover if you've been doing this.

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  • Writer's pictureAmunet Burgueno

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Healing is such a loaded word to many people, and it can be perceived in various ways. From a spiritual perspective, healing is simply allowing the spiritual part of you that is ever present to begin to present itself and shine through, releasing the programming that has built up since your birth. From a physical perspective it is a release of patterns held in the physical body, which allows your body to move into a state of wholeness.

Healing takes place in an individual when they are in a place of receiving. When they have had it in their life, they turn to healing work and are more receptive to it, because it's usually their last hope.

That is when the real work begins. They put on the foil hat and say “let's go!”

As some of you may know I have suffered severe abuse in my life. At a time when I was in crisis, I was seeing a therapist to help me through my crap. She was very gifted and knew about energy healing, and offered to work with my energy at the session.

When she started I immediately contracted and began to feel fear. I was simply not ready for this type of work, as it was too far outside of my reality at that time, and I was not in receiving mode for that type of work. Looking back, I wished I jumped in, but it was just not the right time for me.

It was such a foreign concept to me at the time to do “inner work” that wasn't just talking about my problems, and I had avoided my emotions to such a large degree that I was completely reactive to situations, people, and life as a whole. I felt like I could barely exist in my own skin, and I wanted a way out, but I had no idea what that might be.

So here's the deal: self healing takes courage. It requires that you step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to not know who you are without all of your baggage.

This can be really scary because you may have identified with your pain or patterns so much that you may think, “who would I be if I didn't feel like this or act like this?” This is what usually keeps people holding onto their pain, and the suffering continues.

Right now you may be experiencing a lack of self confidence, you may second guess yourself frequently, or you may feel like your thoughts and emotions are controlling you.

You may have an “inner committee” in your mind that constantly badgers you with thoughts that you aren't worthy, lovable, or good enough.

You may want to develop your intuition, but you lack the confidence to move forward with what feels right for you because your mind is filled with chatter.

These markers are telling you that there is self healing to be explored within. I know because I had all of them, and then some. I've been there and made my way out, and so can you.

There are many roads to self healing, and no one road is better than the other. Anything that helps you move towards health and wholeness is a very good thing.

Some ways are faster than others, and some help to move an individual out of duality and into their spiritual self.

This is where the magic comes in - releasing the programming, stopping living reactively, and moving into wholeness.

What you are left with is your spiritual self that shines through you, and you share your light with others.

The truth is that you are whole and complete right in this very moment. It's simply a matter of releasing the layers of life that are hiding this truth from you.

If you would like help and guidance with your self healing, book in a call today and I'll share how I can help.

Let your light shine through today!

To your success,


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  • Writer's pictureAmunet Burgueno

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Have you ever felt like you lacked faith in yourself? I know that in my past I have.

It was so hard to see any potential in myself and take the next steps forward, so that I

could feel happier and live a more complete life.

Because of my past abuse, I hadn’t even graduated from high school, and I felt like I


Honestly, because of the severe PTSD I had grown up with, my ability to learn

had been greatly impaired.

I remember being in my early teens, and when my mom asked me to recite the

months of the year, I really couldn’t answer her because my brain just couldn’t hold

much information, because it had me in survival mode.

Years later I went back and got my G.E.D., as my business at that time had required

it. That was the beginning point for gaining a little bit of faith in myself.

I realized that I wasn’t “as stupid” as I thought I was.

Oftentimes my clients will come to me and don’t see how AMAZING they are.

They have so much greatness inside of themselves, yet they find fault in everything

they said or did, and then they feel bad about themselves.

In our work together, they begin to peel away any untruths, and expose the fact that

they are whole and complete right now.

This is truly a game changer.

Their life, business and career begin to improve. They begin to put themselves first and

develop a relationship with themselves, and overall their relationships and life


Are you lacking faith in yourself?

If you had more faith in yourself what would change in your life? Who would you be?

How would that change things for you?

Wouldn't it be great to find out?

To your success,


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