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Driven Real Estate Agents & Brokers With Anxiety or Personal Challenges
Overcome Obstacles. Achieve More.

With the state of the industry, the last thing you need to be dealing with is
anxiety, panic attacks, or your personal problems. 


When you overcome these challenges, you can advance your career, improve your financial situation, and handle both the normal and unexpected problems that come your way while running your business.

But tackling these issues alone can feel overwhelming. That's where my "Better Than Good" program comes in.

Designed for quick wins, my program will help you overcome your challenges and create a path forward. 


Once we've worked together intensely, we'll transition to ongoing support for the remainder of our 6 months together - available on-demand because I understand how busy you are.

In our sessions, hypnotherapy will work wonders, transforming your mindset to become your greatest ally in business.


And to keep that positive energy flowing, I'll craft a personalized hypnosis recording tailored just for you. It's like having a supportive friend cheering you on as you conquer your business goals.


If you'd like to learn more click the button below.

Hi there! I'm Amunet.


Feeling stuck and struggling to manage your thoughts, emotions, and personal challenges? Running your business on top of all that can be tough.

But here's the thing: you don't have to face these challenges alone. There is always hope, and I'm here to help.


As a master hypnotist and business mentor, I have helped countless driven professionals, just like you, overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams through my programs. 

And because I'm an entrepreneur myself, it means I really get what it feels like to struggle. 

Here's what no one tells you. Being an entrepreneur is hard. In fact, it's really hard. 


And when you experience anxiety, panic attacks, or personal problems on top of being an entrepreneur...well that just sucks.


I'm here to help you reclaim a sense of peace so you can excel in your career.

Business Qualifications.jpg

In a short period of time, you’ll become a better version of yourself. You'll be empowered to take positive action in your life and business when you want to, you'll regain your confidence, and you'll overcome your challenges or greatly diminish them. 


Here's what my clients have accomplished in the past:

  • Doubled their income.

  • Stopped feeling anxious. 

  • Felt less sad or depressed. 

  • Improved their self-confidence.

  • Took massive action in their life, career, or business.

  • Created the business of their dreams, and booked more business.

  • Stopped addictive behaviors or bad habits.

  • Transformed and healed their past.

  • Stopped perfectionism and people pleasing. 

  • Stopped having phobias.

  • Left, or limited unhealthy (or toxic) situations and relationships.

  • Overcame eating disorders.

  • Healed their relationships.

  • Moved on with their life after a breakup, divorce, or toxic relationship. 

  • Accepted their appearance & finally felt good about themselves. 

  • Handled challenging life or medical circumstances much better. 

  • Overcame their creative blocks.

  • Found their dream partner.

I recently experienced hypnotherapy with Amunet and let me tell you, it was WONDERFUL!


I have had a couple previous hypnotherapy sessions with other practitioners, and Amunet was above and beyond
what I expected.


I felt very safe under her years of experience, and she was able to help me heal some very deep seated traumas that I never thought I would be able to be free from.


I feel so much lighter, freer, happier and clearer than I have in a very long time. I HIGHLY recommend hypnotherapy with her! Janine Hassell

Life Coach Roseville Ca

This Program Is Right For You If You:


  • You're determined to overcome your challenges and reach your goals. 

  • You know you'll implement what you learn and you consider yourself someone who makes your needs a priority.

  • You're open to a holistic approach, but you're also a grounded person who realizes that you can't sit on a mountaintop to manifest your perfect life. Action is required. 

  • You're comfortable investing in your success financially when it makes sense to you, because it helps you get what you want. 

  • You tend to make decisions quickly and intuitively, without second guessing yourself too much.  

  • You're light hearted, fun, and you don't mind a cuss word or two.  

  • You consider yourself a nice person empathetic, and conscientious. 

"The work I've done with Amunet has forever changed my life and that's no exaggeration.


I've dealt with a lot of trauma, buried trauma, and although I've been in therapy most of my life, I've never experienced anything like I have with Amunet and the hypnosis work she's done for me. 

We've had multiple sessions and there have been moments where I've never felt happier and at peace in all my life.


If you have had toxic parental relationships, a dysfunctional family, abuse (emotional, physical, sexual), if your self-worth and self-confidence has tanked - and traditional therapy hasn't been as effective as you'd hoped, PLEASE try this program and talk to Amunet. 

I have to admit that I was a tad skeptical. I have a degree in psychology, and have put a lot of stock into traditional therapy. However, let me tell you, this has been the most effective form of therapy for someone like me. I actually was able to communicate effectively to my mother, and tell her what I needed from her - which I've never been able to do in my 38 years. 

I have the courage, strength, and confidence to work through my stuff. I am so much more at ease and relaxed. I actually have the tools that people always talk about, but don't actually use or even know what they are. 

I'm imploring anyone who's looking for help - real actual help - this is it. Amunet is one of a kind. She's down to earth, real, sane, and a master of her craft. I will forever be grateful for her." Krystal Silva


Waiting around may not be the best option for you. 

Getting help for your challenges is something you may be putting off. But it comes at a high price. It affects you financially and it messes with your sanity.

So if you're at the point where you want help but you're talking yourself out of it, why not get the help you need so you can make more money and have more peace. 

And not the "Rest in peace" kind of peace. 

Good Karma Guarantee.jpg

With my Good Karma Guarantee, if you're unhappy for any reason, I'll earn back your trust and loyalty.


🌼If you need extra help during your program, I'll be there for you.


🌈If you want to modify your hypnosis recording after the program completes, I'm happy to help.


🧠If you have any questions or have concerns, I've got you covered.

💰You'll get the support you want and need. In fact, I'll put in $500.00 worth of my time should you genuinely need it.

I get it. Investing in your future can feel scary. But with my Good Karma Guarantee, you will be taken care of, which means you can feel certain you're making a wise investment. 

Amunet an amazing person and loves what she does. I am truly grateful that I found her to work with me during my difficult time. I know she is genuine in her desire to help and I have NO DOUBT that she is for REAL!! I highly recommend calling her for anything that you have a question with or even if you are not sure if she can help you. That is how I started off and it worked out great! M.C. 

Looking for a flexible payment option to invest in a program? Look no further than PayPal Credit.

With PayPal Credit, you have the opportunity to buy now and pay later, making it convenient and accessible for you to get started on your journey. To learn more about how you can take advantage of this payment option, click here.

PayPal Payment Plan Options

Joining my Happy, Confident, and Relaxed program is now easier than ever with the option to use PayPal for your payment. Simply reach out to me at, and I'll be happy to send you an email with the payment details and get you scheduled for the program.


"Amunet is awesome!!

This is my first review ever, but felt so compelled to share my great experience.

She brought me out of a challenging chapter in my life and helped me move on.

Well worth the money. Don’t hesitate, do it now!!" M. L. 

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