Are you an ambitious, highly sensitive and
empathic entrepreneur?

As a highly sensitive person who's an entrepreneur, you may be molding yourself into a life and business that depletes you.

It's possible to have more energy, inspiration, and peace - while up leveling your manifesting game by activating your subconscious mind.

Has your intuition been dropping you hints for a while that it’s time for a change?

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As an ambitious empathic entrepreneur, you’ve got big dreams and aspirations!
You take massive action, which means you’ve achieved success in your business and life already.

And I want you to know how amazing you’re!

Imagine a life with more:

♦ Time for self-reflection and family, more money, more freedom, more impact, and happier relationships. 

♦ Growth, contribution, and contentment. A life of passion and purpose, unencumbered by your limitations. 

My name's Amunet Burgueno and I help high-achieving, sensitive and empathic entrepreneurs create the life and business they’ve always wanted. 


  • Without having to try to be positive all the time, endless affirmations, meditating for hours, manifesting, raising your vibration, self-help books, cutting cords, or even therapy. 

  • Without having a life and business that doesn't work for your sensitivities, your values, or your definition of success.

  • Without pushing and hustling, being encumbered with too much masculine energy, over giving, or doubling down on your efforts, which leads to exhaustion.

You’ll up level your manifesting and transform quickly.
And best of all, you’ll take aligned action and feel more peaceful, purposeful, confident, and happier.
Because the world needs you to step into the highest version of yourself and fully embody your gifts more than ever. 


And with a few key shifts to your subconscious mind, you could double, or even triple your success – 

but it begins with taking the next step to access your inner genius…

It all starts with the Real Manifesting Program™

You'll activate your subconscious mind and create a life that's truly in alignment with how you operate internally. 

It's time to make your needs and desires a priority, with a solid foundation that will support you for the rest of your life. 

We’ll map out your life to embrace how you function optimally in the world, so you will stop feeling overwhelmed and depleted. 


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And that’s why your Real Manifesting™ Program was intentionally created with your unique needs in mind.

It uses an integrated approach using hypnosis and spiritual healing work. You’ll honor your unique needs and activate your subconscious mind to stop living on autopilot.


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