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Cosmic Alchemy™ Energy Healing Program

Cosmic Alchemy™ energy healing is an advanced energy healing technique that utilizes all the benefits of Reiki and Shamanic Healing, but goes far beyond those practices to help you feel better and raise your consciousness.

You'll feel lighter & you'll be able to move through everyday life with a new found perspective & mindset.

In your program you'll start off with 2 Cosmic alchemy™ sessions.

In your first session we will start off with a short intuitive reading to bring you clarity and insight. Then we'll lighten your energetic load by extracting negativity from your energetic field.

This will allow you to become more grounded, to be a conduit for spirit, and you'll express your spiritual gifts easier.

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Your second session will focus on opening you up to higher levels of consciousness and shift your frequency. This means that you'll be able to have more internal awareness that will allow you to be more, do more, and have more in time. And we'll open your heart to divine energy and love. 

Your inner block walls will be lessened and you'll feel more empowered to solve your challenges.

Then we'll take things to the next level. 

You'll receive 2 succinct readings by Voxer. Voxer is a walkie talkie app that allows us to communicate in real time. You'll send over a burning question and I'll respond with an intuitive message. This will keep you moving forward with the clarity you need.

Plus, I'll create a custom affirmation that will help you usher in your soul gifts. I'll record it so you can listen to it any time you want to!

Bonus... Inner Guidance Activation Meditation MP3. Imagine trusting your inner guidance system SO much you no longer second guess your decisions. That's what will your inner guidance activation meditation will help you with. 

Bonus... Creative Spark Hypnosis MP3. Creativity is so important for spiritual growth and peace of mind. Tap into your creativity freely and unleash the magic that lies inside of your heart for new insights and inspiration. 

Are you ready to get started?


You can contact me by phone or email...


Or you can chat with me by clicking the blue chat box in the lower right hand corner of this page.




Phone: 916-500-2295

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I was online really late one night crying over the death of my husband feeling the need to talk to him and find out if he was okay. I was healing from a hip replacement that I had got 5 days before his death. The angels guided me to her website and I called the next day. The things she told me were things that she had no way of knowing things that he said to me and the way he spoke when he was alive. I can not believe the change in myself and my life. Things are never easy when you lose a huge part of your life. But if you are looking to make your life joyous and free and happy you need to see Amunet with whatever needs you have. She is a gift from the angels and has guided me to be open to all of life's challenges. I am continuing to see her and would highly recommend that you see her. Cherri D.

This is my review of a wonderful life changing experience. I found myself in a spiritual and physical crisis. I truly did not know where to turn. I was on my computer looking up different ways to help myself and Amunet just kept coming up. In other words I was guided to her. I spoke to her over the phone and the moment I spoke to her I just knew she was the right person to help. I could feel her love and compassion toward truly wanting to help. I deceided to go forward with Shaminic Healing. On my first moment of meeting Amunet I knew she was special and WOW! I felt amazing after the first session. After I had completed my sessions I was a completely different person. I was back to being me which I had lost so many years ago. So if you find yourself feeling lost and would like to be found again, I would recommend Amunet. Blessings, Julie R.

This woman is absolutely authentic. I know it's hard to find a "real" psychic in this world. You can't tell unless someone tells you... so I'm telling you. Her talents are valid and many. She approaches her work with such empathy and compassion that it would be impossible to have a disappointing experience. She can help you find what you need to find and get where you need to go. She brings her whole array of abilities to your needs. I will look no further, she is what I was searching for. I am so grateful that she moved to our area ! S.S

Best experience I have ever had!! Went into the process of shamanic healing rather ambivalent, came out a true believer. During the process, which involves not touching or anything weird I was taken back into memories I had totally put into a separate compartment. When I took them out and examined them I realized I had something to learn from them; and it was good positive lessons those memories taught me. I have always been a seeker of truth and feel if you are not growing you are dying. Again, I must reiterate this experience was one of the most pleasant things that I can remember. I plan on going again and again. Give yourself permission to gain inner knowledge, that would be my advice to a friend. One of my friends have already set up an appointment! Amunet is indeed a lucky woman, she has a gift and is willing to share it, enjoy. Trish Corsi

Amunet is absolutely the real deal! I am Empathic and have done a ton of research on the subject of spirituality. Amunet has an amazing gift. And in that we have all been given a gift. If you are really ready to understand fully your own story, Amunet can provide the answer. Don Troy

Amunet is the real deal... Full of compassion and incredible insight, She has helped me change my view of the world, I now see my connection to it and my connectedness with everyone around me. If you are searching see her!

Amunet is the real deal. As a total sceptic and one with a science based-mind, you can imagine the questions I had when a reiki session (done on a whim) with Amunet activated my pineal gland creating one of the most emotional/spiritual/indescribable events that has happened to me in my entire life. It has forever changed my paradigm on how I view the world and my connection to it. And, further work with her helped me break down walls of protection I've built throughout my life and revealed truths about myself and my connectedness with everyone around me. The new awareness I have about my energy and how it effects others, especially my wife and children, has empowered me to become so much more closer to them. I will be forever grateful to River of Life Healings. If you are reading this review, it is for a reason... I wholeheartedly believe that. Act upon what has called you here. You won't regret it!!! M.T.

I have completed several sessions with Amunet. I highly recommend her to anyone who may need healing. I found her online and was really intrigued by the many reviews that said they felt more balanced, energetically lighter, and more like 'their old self.'

I had been through a very traumatic situation about two years ago. Despite my best efforts and work- I felt I had lost a lot of my strength. The last few months I began experiencing a great deal of anxiety and panic attacks. (I am in my late 30's and had never dealt with anxiety before.) It was excruciating. I contacted her after a particularly difficult few weeks.

Amunet is very empathetic, and knowledgeable in her field. There were multiple times her intuition was incredibly on-point and accurate. Now I feel much, much better. (And lighter! Yay!) For any person who may be feeling stuck, depressed, anxious, list, etc. This is a healer I absolutely recommend. M.N.

She is honestly out of this world. She gave me clarity on a lot of things I was wondering and also added information that made me want to dive in a bit deeper regarding my self. I’m so happy I found her and looked into seeking her. Totally worth it to me. And I’m just in complete shock. T.P.

I saw Amunet for 5 visits back in 2013 and my life has COMPLETELY changed since then! Let me start by saying I'm very open spiritually but have a hard time trusting some of the spiritual practitioners. When I had my first free phone consultation with Amunet I knew she was the real deal. There was apart of me that knew I needed a huge shift in my life as I was unhappy in my relationship of 7-8 years and my job felt unfulfilling. Amunet helped me integrate my higher self, release past life traumas and assist me in healing that would have taken me years to do on my own. Since meeting with Amunet I left my bad relationship, found my soul mate, traveled to 14 countries with my soul mate, lived in Hawaii for 1.5 years as I was offered a supervisory position in a hospital, and now live 25 min from Mt. Shasta. Amunet, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity and help you provided me (and my life partner). Thank you for all that you do Amunet! Christy P.

I had a personal shifting in my life after seeing Amunet! Her Shamanic Healing and Hypnosis Therapy changed me completely! I find her work to be authentic and done with great compassion and utmost integrity. She is incredibly supportive and understands you no matter where you are at. I have nothing but love and gratitude for Amunet and amazing services that she provides! Try it, you won't regret it! I know for a fact that it can be a life changing experience, if you only allow yourself to try it. Bato K.

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