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The Happy, Confident, & Relaxed Program Overview & Investment

Introducing the Happy, Confident, & Relaxed program. 

In your program you'll rapidly minimize, or completely resolve your challenges while reaching your goals.

Plus, you'll feel so much better about yourself and your life. You'll feel more empowered as you take back control, while reducing your stress. 


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And you'll have a solid foundation to make your needs a priority, to create a more balanced life.

I've intentionally designed your program with your unique needs in mind, plus you'll have all the tools you need to succeed.   

Here’s what's waiting for you in your Happy, Confident, and Relaxed Program. 

♦ A New or Improved Life Path - You’ll start off powerfully by uncovering who you really are, what happiness, success, and wealth mean to YOU, and which area of your life to focus on first. 

♦ You'll discover how to diffuse and release negative emotions, and we'll shift your beliefs to work for you instead of against you. 

♦ You'll become more empowered by completing the Happy, Confident, and Relaxed™ Self-Study Program - You'll have lifetime access to this online program. You'll discover how to manage your emotions, conquer your worries and fears, and have your life be a reflection of your new and empowered internal state.

This program is sold as a stand alone self-study course to students nationwide, and it's included in your program. 


>>You can learn more about the Happy, Confident, and Relaxed self-study program BY CLICKING HERE.<<


And we’ll have your mind work for you instead of against you. You'll diminish your challenges or solve them altogether. 

I'll be by your side, and we'll complete a half VIP day and 4 deep dive hypnosis sessions to help you overcome your challenges and leap towards your goals. 

And I will skillfully and artfully craft you:

♦ A custom hypnosis recording - This is the “Gold Standard” of hypnotherapy, and it's a culmination of all the positive attributes of the 4 branches of hypnotherapy techniques. It’s SO powerful!

You’ll discover that a pair of earbuds will become a catalyst for true transformation - and all you have to do is listen to shift and change in a positive way…

In your custom hypnosis recording we’ll address your biggest problem to overcome. 


I’ve developed special processes that allow me to get to the root causes of what’s happening for you in a gentle way. And once I gather that information, I will craft your perfect script. 

Your custom hypnosis recording is embedded with theta frequencies and it’s tailored specifically to you. 


♦ Additional bonus! I'll take all of the great work we've done together with creating your custom hypnosis recording, and create FOOLPROOF affirmations that your subconscious mind WON'T reject. This means that you can listen to your affirmations on the go, to keep you moving forward, and help motivate you to have more positive thoughts and feelings. You'll notice that you take more positive action forward for a happier life. 


♦ And you’ll have my one-on-one private mentorship for 60 days through the Voxer messenger app where we can instantly communicate by live voice audio files, kind of like a walkie talkie. 


This is like having me in your pocket for just-in-time answers and advice, and you can listen live or listen later to responses. The chats are private with end-to-end encryption. 


And you can even share photos and videos if you want to. I do really enjoy meeting my client’s fur babies. If you don't want to send a voice file, you can email instead.

Here’s how you can use Voxer:


🤍 As a form of self-expression. Think of this as peaceful dumping. :) What you've bottled up internally just needs to come out sometimes, and this is a safe supportive way to allow that to happen, and it doesn't affect me negatively.


🤍 You can use it for situations that you aren't sure how to handle. Get just in time answers to tricky situations, or get help just in time help for navigating challenging people or conversations. 


🤍 You can use it to get intuitive guidance and insights from me. Life is unpredictable and can feel challenging, confusing, or just get messy sometimes. This can help cut through the noise quickly. 


You'll get the clarity you need to feel better and in control. I’m happy to offer any intuitive insights that come forward about what you want clarity on. 


I can help you get insights into:

  • Life purpose

  • Relationships

  • Love

  • Career/Business

  • Spiritual gifts

  • Spiritual awakening

  • Life transitions

If you’re unsure about an important decision you need to make or you simply want validation of the direction you’re headed, my gifts are here to help. 


“This woman is absolutely authentic. I know it's hard to find a "real" intuitive in this world. You can't tell unless someone tells you... so I'm telling you. Her talents are valid and many. She approaches her work with such empathy and compassion that it would be impossible to have a disappointing experience. She can help you find what you need to find and get where you need to go.” S.N. 


“She is honestly out of this world. She gave me clarity on a lot of things I was wondering about, and also added information that made me want to dive in a bit deeper regarding myself. I’m so happy I found her. Totally worth it to me. And I’m just in complete shock.” T.P.

♦ And because most individuals shift and change quickly once they listen to their custom hypnosis session MP3, you'll have up to 4 months after the program ends to make 1 modification to your custom hypnosis recording to keep you moving forward quickly.

Imagine how you would feel each day if you were free from what's holding you back.

In just a matter of 60 days, you’ll set the foundation to a life that supports you. You’ll move past your challenges, and you'll feel lighter and better.

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Here's what our clients have accomplished in the past:

  • Accepted their appearance & finally felt good about themselves. 

  • Stopped feeling anxious. 

  • Improved their self-confidence.

  • Doubled their income.

  • Created the business of their dreams, increased their prices, or got a raise.

  • Found their dream partner.

  • Transformed and healed their past.

  • Left, or limited unhealthy (or toxic) situations and relationships.

  • Overcame eating disorders.

  • Stopped addictive behaviors or bad habits.

  • Healed their relationships.

  • Stopped perfectionism and people pleasing. 

  • Stopped having phobias.

The Investment for your program is $10,000.00

This price point was chosen carefully and tested to ensure that you take your personal development seriously and truly apply yourself, but priced reasonably enough that many people can afford it with the payment plan.  
If you're a pay in full kind of person, that works fine. If you'd prefer the payment plan, it's $3,000.00 down with 7 payments of $1000.00.

Are You Ready To Overcome Your Challenges And Reach Your Goals?
If So,Your Next Step Is To Contact Me To Sign Up


"Amunet is awesome!!

This is my first review ever, but felt so compelled to share my great experience.

She brought me out of a challenging chapter in my life and helped me move on.

Well worth the money. Don’t hesitate, do it now!!" M. L. 

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