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Imagine listening to your custom hypnotherapy recording and having it go to work on your mind - reshaping your reality from the inside out. 

Hi! My name is Amunet J. Burgueno, and I’m a mindset expert and master hypnotist.


I've had the privilege of supporting over 100,000 people with their personal and spiritual development.  

But for a long time, I was a person who had forgotten how to laugh and smile.

Here’s why.

I suffered severe sexual and sadistic ritual abuse as a child. My father committed suicide when I was young, I had one trauma after another, and it’s a miracle I’m even alive right now.


I went through hell.

My trauma shaped my beliefs and emotions in a way that kept me from creating the life I wanted. I tried to make changes in my life, and after a little progress, I would come back to a life I wanted to get away from.

I was having full-blown panic attacks with PTSD episodes. My self-esteem was almost non-existent, and I kept attracting partners incapable of loving me because I believed I wasn’t lovable and acted accordingly. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I was riddled with fear and anxiety, I lacked confidence, my relationships were suffering, and I was lost in my thoughts and emotions.

At every turn, there was new chaos and drama, because I only knew that to be normal.


I felt hopeless.

But with support, I was able to break free.

My spiritual awakening finally got me out of autopilot mode. I realized there was a much larger part of myself, beyond my body and my circumstances.


Everything changed for me.

Who I am today was birthed through challenges. My hardships and trauma put me on the path that led to my spiritual awakening and my interest in personal development.

What I experienced allowed me to help people just like you transform their mindsets and unburden their hearts.

My interactive online and virtual programs and resources allow you to walk a path that fills them with joy, purpose, and intention— once and for all.

You no longer need to allow your past, your struggles, or your pain to define who you are.

You can get off autopilot and direct your steps toward a more meaningful life, and you can embody your higher consciousness.

It was working with clients that shaped this site and my virtual programs and courses.


I'm passionate about customized hypnosis recordings and the programs I've created because it's helped me and my clients. We've reached our goals together as fast as possible with as little effort as possible.


And we felt better along the way. 

Assisting you on your journey of inner exploration, and helping you create a transformation in your life is both my passion and my profession.

In my work, I help get people results in becoming happier and discovering how to laugh and smile with an unbridled sense of joy.

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