I help women gain confidence, feel worthy, and gain control.

You know what I mean...

You've got that voice in your head that tells you that you're not good enough, and there's an inner committee that reminds you of all the mistakes you've made or the mistakes you may make. You struggle with lack of confidence and self esteem, and your self love is severely lacking.

It can seem so weird when what's happening on the inside of you doesn't match the outside.

You've been successful in your life and business, but secretly you feel less than, you compare yourself to other people, and you may even feel like a failure. You struggle with anxious thoughts and feelings, and you practically feel like you're going to have an anxiety or panic attack!

You are longing for self confidence and a healthy self esteem, and you're sick and tired of feeling this way.

My name is Amunet and I''ve been right where you are.

I've been in some dark places in my life. I had a traumatic childhood where I suffered the loss of my father at an early age, and I experienced severe sexual abuse. My past was catching up with me, and it was effecting my health and my relationship with my husband.

I wondered if I would ever feel any different. I pretty much thought I was screwed and that I would always have PTSD, symptoms of depression, anxiety attacks, and the dreaded full blown panic attack.

I was searching how to build confidence and how to build self confidence, because I barely had any at all.

As a life coach who uses hypnosis and energy healing (like Reiki), as well as my intuitive abilities,

I've seen my client's lives transform.

I love teaching women what has helped me and my clients, and I have had the privilege of walking along side women just like you, on their journey towards their authentic awesome selves, and seeing them reach their goals, gain confidence,

have a healthy self esteem, and feel great.

So a little bit about me...

I had a spiritual awakening experience called a Kundalini awakening that knocked my socks off. I have also had a series of shamanic initiations from the spirit side that have helped me to help you. I have integrated many spiritual experiences that allow me to connect with our creator levels and help to bring that awareness to you, which means you can connect with a much larger part of yourself. The BIG you.

I am a hypnotist, life coach, business & sales coach, and healer.

Are you ready to feel confident, like yourself, and have a healthy self esteem? What could that do for your career, family, and yourself?

How would it feel to finally feel self assured and be able to take confident action

without second guessing yourself?

I have the solution to your problem

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Are you a women who's ready to let go of

anxiety, sadness, and worry?

Gain self-confidece, relax, & finally feel worthy!


Click here to discover how to crack the confidence code NOW.​​​​​​​

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