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How other have been helped, and how you can be helped too.

~ My experience with Amunet was truly one of a kind. I was very blessed to be introduced to this beautiful soul because I can honestly say that she changed my life. As a young woman, who has endured many emotional hardships I have developed issues such as, anxiety and depression, which started to affect my life. I believe in a very holistic approach when it comes to healing myself physically and mentally. Before hypnosis I tried many approaches in order to find a solution to my problems. After attending numerous therapy sessions, brain optimization, acupuncture as well as many other holistic approaches, hypnotherapy has been the most effective solution by far. I was very appreciative of the fact that Amunet was able to fit me into her busy schedule due to the fact that I was traveling overseas. I booked five hypnotherapy sessions with her and after the first session I immediately noticed a difference. Amunet was able to work with me and help tackle many of my deep rooted issues. With just one hypnotherapy session I was already noticing major differences. As someone who was constantly battling with anxiety, I noticed that I was finally able to gain peace of mind. I never thought I would ever be able to control my anxious thoughts, but hypnosis changed that. I also gained a great amount of self confidence after my sessions because hypnotherapy allowed me to tap into my subconscious and figure out the root of my issues. Figuring out the root of my issues helped me address them and let them go. Amunet's practices are also amazing because she has a unique way of helping me release the past. Aside from her gift of hypnosis, Amunet is gifted with psychic ability and is able to connect with those who have passed over. During a session with Amunet I was able to connect with my father, who passed away 11 years ago. The experience was unlike one I have ever had. There is no better feeling than knowing your loved ones who have passed on are happy and at peace.

I recommend Amunet to anyone who may be struggling with personal issues or even someone who simply needs some guidance. Amunet's sweet, empathetic nature allowed me to be myself at all times. She is absolutely wonderful and I will be back to see her in the near future! -Soraya

~ We all have deeply held issues that hold us back from being our true magnificent selves. These issues return in our lives repeatedly, inviting us to address them so we can heal. It's only when they present a huge impact that we admit it's time to make a change. What is often confusing is trying to find what is going to help us shift and heal. As well as finding the courage to stop ignoring and avoiding the obvious fact that something is out of whack.

This is where Amunet Burgueno comes into the picture. She has expert skills and attributes that provide a safe space for deep healing to occur.
Her personal attributes are that she is open, accepting, compassionate, smart, intuitive, focused and very funny. I always feel safe and cared for in her presence.

Her skills include extensive training in hypnotherapy, energy medicine, trauma work and channeling. I have personally experienced emotional and physical healing beyond comprehension by working with Amunet. I have also referred friends and family to her who have had lifechanging healing experiences.

We are so fortunate that Amunet is nearby and such an incredibly gifted healer. I highly recommend doing something amazing for yourself by spending some time with Amunet. You won't regret it!
Jackie O., Roseville, CA

~ I just want to take this opportunity to say how amazing Amunet is. She is a gifted healer and she is genuine and honest. She will pinpoint your needs and get you the best treatment available. After a few visits with her, and you will notice the changes, but you have to be open to it. Not only have I met a wonderful healer who has helped me dig deep internally to uproot some things from my past, but I've also made a long time friend in the process. After each session, I instantly feel better, and I feel like I am adding something of value to my life.

Please, if you are feeling lost or dealing with issues that just seem to never go away-contact Amunet. She will talk you through it, and I guarantee you will feel like a different person after seeing her, and you will feel a higher level of awareness within yourself. -GK

~ I recently had a hypnotherapy session with Amunet and let me tell you, it was WONDERFUL! I have had a couple previous hypnotherapy sessions with other practitioners, and Amunet was above and beyond what I expected. I felt very safe under her years of experience, and she was able to help me heal some very deep seated traumas that I never thought I would be able to be free from. I feel so much lighter, freer, happier and clearer than I have in a very long time. I HIGHLY recommend a session with her! Janine Hassell

~I have been seeing Amunet for over 3 years now and she has been the perfect help in every way I needed. She offers all of the different aspects of healing I needed at each stage in my journey. Through Hypnosis she has helped me considerably, to release old energies holding me back and replace them with positive thoughts and patterns. She is a wonderful hypnotist and Life Coach. And I highly recommended the perfect affirmation technique.

I go to her on a regular basis for many things. But my favorite has probably got to be the many Energy Healing techniques she offers. I suffer from chronic pain and ALWAYS feel relief from our sessions! Her intuition is always spot on and her psychic readings leave me with chills. Amunet has truly changed my life and I will forever be a client! THANK YOU AMUNET! Rachel M.

~Amunet is a truly gifted individual, who willingly shares her gifts with others bringing healing, love and joy to those she works with. I have worked with her in various capacities over the last few years (spiritually and professionally), and each time I come away with true insight, areas I can work on to improve my life, and a sense of peace and calm. She helps elevate me to another level that I couldn't reach on my own. I would recommend Amunet to anyone who is ready and willing to learn more about themselves, and willing to do the work to improve their life. Love and light to all... Jennifer Naranjo

~Amunet is truly an amazing and awe-inspiring human being. I went to her when I was in a very dark place in my life and after only a month of energy healing and hypnosis sessions, I can say with 100% confidence that I am a new, better version of myself. After visiting with Amunet, I finally feel like fragments of myself that were missing have finally come together to make myself whole again. I finally feel that I have a peaceful balance of my mind, body, and soul, once more. Whether you're open to this kind of work or a little more closed off to it, if peace and a sense of calm and control of your life again is what you're trying to achieve, Amunet is your person. I can honestly say from the very depths of my being that Amunet has helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine. So thank you, Amunet, your talents and skills are truly remarkable. Drea Hall

~Amunet is a tremendously gifted woman with a heart of gold. She has helped me heal myself and begin the process of rebuilding myself through her shamanic work and through hypnosis. I am currently listening to a specially tailored mp3 that Amunet created and it is truly helping me loose weight. She goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals and comes from a place of sincerity! Katie K.

~I have completed several sessions with Amunet. I highly recommend her to anyone who may need healing. I found her online and was really intrigued by the many reviews that said they felt more balanced, energetically lighter, and more like 'their old self.'
I had been through a very traumatic situation about two years ago. Despite my best efforts and work- I felt I had lost a lot of my strength. The last few months I began experiencing a great deal of anxiety and panic attacks. (I am in my late 30's and had never dealt with anxiety before.) It was excruciating. I contacted her after a particularly difficult few weeks.

Amunet is very empathetic, and knowledgeable in her field. There were multiple times her intuition was incredibly on-point and accurate. Now I feel much, much better. (And lighter! Yay!) For any person who may be feeling stuck, depressed, anxious, list, etc. This is a healer I absolutely recommend.

~I was having some major issues with work/life and was in a state of feeling stuck.  I literally was at a point where I was about to break and have a malfunction.  Amunet was willing to see me on the weekend and also come to find out, her office was in the same building!!  I honestly wasn't expecting overnight miracles, but literally she changed my life in one visit!!  I was completely amazed, my attitude and wellbeing changed, within a week I had a complete positive change to my life which also included getting off of medications that I really didn't need.  Bindar D.

~I came here for the hypnotherapy but found her to be much more all encompassing in terms of energy healing and life coaching. I have had a tremendously positive experience- breaking old negative patterns and beliefs and replacing them with positive, happy ones that now come into play for me every day.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, non invasive, absolutely controlled (by the patient) experience that leaves you feeling unburdened, relaxed, and refreshed. I highly recommend to any person open to wanting to change and heal for the better. I've already said as much to my close family and friends, which is why I'm also happy to review on here.  In addition, Amunet is genuinely kind and caring- very compassionate in her approach and she creates a safe place to share whatever one feels the need to, without judgement and with real tools to help in healing. Highly recommend- try it once and you'll see what I mean! Kristen T.

~Amunet's sessions changed my life and sincerely look forward to continuing sessions with her!!  I wasn't expecting changes that were this dramatic in my life, everything has been positively moved in the right direction...

~I was not a believer of shamanic or reiki healing, and still do not know the differences between the two. And if my very good friend had not recommended energy work, I don't think I ever would have considered it.

However, I am thrilled that I contacted Amunet at River of Life Healings! I felt a very palpable shift in my energy and mood after working with her; and feel like I'm back to my old, up-beat, adorable self again. It's very difficult for me to explain because I have never experience this type of spiritual whatever before in my life! But Amunet has a very, very real gift for energy healing and, as crazy as I sound right now, I would recommend her to anyone! Cristel  B.

~At a very low point in my life I decided to reach out and reconnect with an old friend I hadn't seen in 9 years. She gave me Amunet's card and said she thinks shamanic healing may be helpful. I was a complete skeptic when it comes to this type of thing but nothing else was working for me so I decided to call Amunet. All I can say is wow! She is for real and she knew immediately what was keeping me down and blocking my ability to move forward in a positive way. I did a few healing sessions and decided to do the 5 path hypnotherapy session. That was back in November. And since that time my life has become so much lighter and I feel like my old self. Initially I felt a little unsettled because so much came to light in the sessions but the information I need to heal and the beliefs I need to get rid of continue to reveal themselves daily. And this has been one of the most transformative and positive things I have ever done for myself. Now I am completely conscious of weird energy that needs to be cleared from my life and I go to Amunet for a healing and it always works and always amazes me. She is such a joy and I highly recommend her services. Namaste to all. C. W.

~ Amunet is a wonderful teacher and her teaching methods are by far the best that I have ever experienced. River of Life Healings is a perfect place to get your certification in energy healing. You will be taught, guided and supported with great love and understanding. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in authentic self-empowerment to work with Amunet. Words fall short, please experience it for yourself! "The best teachers are those who tell you where to look, but don't tell you what to see."In deep gratitude, Bato Kraguljac

~I first went to see Amunet to experience the Quantum Healing Hypnosis. It was top five "spiritual" experiences I have had. Which of course will be unique to each individual. But what I will say is that Amunet is professional, loving, inviting and helps guide you to where you need to be. Whatever has lead you to Amunet, you will be grateful for the opportunity to experience something wonderful with her. Anoosheh Robertson

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